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Backend aims

This project is to build a todo app that stores and allows editing of a user's todos. Therefore the backend needs to provide an API to

  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) TODOs,
  • Allow users to register, and delete accounts,
  • Authenticate users, including login (including multi-factor authentication), logout, change and reset passwords,
  • Serve the frontend Single Page App (SPA),
  • Serve HTTP to HTTPS redirects to serve only over HTTPS.

Tech choices

Quart logo

To do all this I choose to use Quart as the base framework with various Quart-extensions to provide extra functionality. Quart is the Flask API re-implemented using async/await which I know it very well as I'm the Quart author. Alternatively you can adapt the code in this book to use Flask and Flask-extensions without too much difficulty.