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Our users will log in by providing their email and password which means we need to manage their password in terms of storage and strength.

Password storage

Will will check the password provided at login against a password we store when they create their account. This password must not be stored directly as if an attacker gains access to the database they likely gain the user's password to many other websites. Therefore instead of the password a hash of the password is calculated and stored.

bcrypt is a great library to hash passwords. It can be installed,

Run this command in backend/

poetry add bcrypt

Password strength

We'll want to enforce a minimum password complexity to help ensure our user's information is safe. To do this I use zxcvbn to measure the complexity. It is installed via poetry,

Run this command in backend/

poetry add zxcvbn

and gives a score [0, 4] of which I usually consider scores of 3 or 4 good enough.