ASGI Server

So far in development we've used to run and serve the backend. Whilst this works well, it is explicitly not meant for production. Rather the ASGI server Hypercorn is recommended by Quart. It is also something I know very well as I'm the Hypercorn author.

To use Hypercorn in the production environment we need to configure how it should work. I prefer to do this via a TOML configuration file. At this stage we should configure the logging, and restrict the host names the server will respond to by adding the following to hypercorn.toml,

accesslog = "-"
access_log_format = "%(t)s %(h)s %(f)s - %(S)s '%(r)s' %(s)s %(b)s %(D)s"
errorlog = "-"
server_names = [ "", "" ]


Setting the serve_names means that the server will respond with a 404, not found response to any request that targets a different host that those given.

The hypercon server can be started via the following command,

hypercorn --config hypercorn.toml 'run:create_app()'

which we'll add to a short script backend/start,

hypercorn --bind$PORT --config hypercorn.toml ''

note that the port is set using an environment variable, as this will help us configure the server in Heroku.