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Project configuration

First lets setup a couple of small configuration options that will make the following pages easier.

Proxying requests

In development we will want api requests to be proxied to the backend, which we can simply do by adding to frontend/package.json,

  "proxy": "http://localhost:5000"

Absolute imports

It is much easier to write imports relative to the src directory, which I'll term absolute, than to write relative imports i.e. components/Component is eaiser than ../../components/Component especially when refactoring code.

To achieve this the frontend/tsconfig.json file should be updated to include,

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "./",

where ... represnts the existing values.

Globally unique ids

We will need to assign unique id values to dom elements, often to improve accessibility, which we can do using React-UID.

React-UID is installed via npm,

npm install --save react-uid