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Backend: Python

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The backend will be written in Python, so we need Python installed to run it locally. You may already have a version of Python installed, but we need to use Python>=3.9 so I'd recommend installing,

Run this command in any location

brew install python

which installed Python 3.9.0.

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Creating a backend project

Brew, the package manager we've used so far, doesn't know how to install and manage Python packages. So we also need another package manager. There are many choices in Python, and I think Poetry is the best, so lets install,

Run this command in any location

brew install poetry

which installed Poetry 1.1.0.

We'll keep the backend code separate in a backend folder, so please create it at the top level of the project and then create a new poetry project within that folder,

Run this command in tozo/

poetry new --src backend

which should give the following folder structure,

└── backend
    ├── pyproject.toml
    ├── README.rst
    ├── src
    │   └── backend
    │       └──
    └── tests

only the pyproject.toml and folder structure matter at the moment, so you can delete or adapt the other files as you'd like.