Installing packages

Brew Linuxbrew

I'm assuming you don't have tooling such as Python installed and so the first step is to install a package manager than can install Python and everything else you'll need. In my view Homebrew is the best package manager for this and works on MacOS,, or Linux, (I don't use Windows so I'm not sure what to use).


A package manager is used to install packages, for example specific versions of Python or Node. This is useful as it is often not trivial to install these packages, except when a package manager does it for you.

With brew installed you can now install packages, e.g. to install python

Run this command in any location

brew install python

or to view the packages you have installed,

Run this command in any location

brew list

From this point on I'll assumed you have brew installed and that you are using it to manage you system packages.