Phil Jones

CTO Brickvest

I am a software engineer based in London and the CTO of Brickvest. I initially studied Physics at the University of Oxford, where I undertook my undergraduate studies before completing a DPhil in particle physics 2011. After a period of postdoctoral study at Queen Mary’s University of London I switched to industry, securing roles as Head of Engineering at Octopus Wealth and VP Engineering at Smarkets.

At present I contribute to open source in Python on projects relating to web development, including most notably the HTTP stack. I also have experience managing large industry tech and write Python, Typescript and Terraform.

This website

This site is open source with the frontend written in Typescript using the Svelte framework and the backend written in Python using the Quart framework.

This site primarily exists as a place for me to blog about things with links to projects I work on.