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The aim of this book is to build an app and run it in a production environment so that you can do the same. We'll build an app packed full of features that you can use in your app, and a few todo features as the app will need to do something.

I've built the app described in this book, and it is running at with the code available here.

I'm going to start by assuming you have no tooling installed but that you have a working knowledge of Typescript and Python. If you know more I'd just skip ahead to any of the sections that interest you, if you know less I'd seek to learn the basics of these languages first.


Whilst you are building an app to solve your customers' specific problems many of the techniques will be the same as in the app built here; for example, users will need to login, change their password etc regardless. Therefore the todo app built in this book will utilise as many of the techniques I'd expect you to need for your own app.

Reading this book

I mean for this book to be read in the order given in the navigation, however you can jump around as you see fit. The companion repository is also ordered this way with each commit roughly corresponding to a page in this book.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections please add an issue.

Tech Choices

It should be noted that many/most of the choices made are my personal preferences and that there are equally good alternatives. You can either follow me or take the parts that interest you.

As mentioned above I'm starting by assuming you have a working knowledge of Typescript and Python i.e. you can follow along with code snippets in these languages.


We will want our app to run in the browser, which means whatever language we choose it will need to compile to Javascript to run. To me Typescript is Javascript with additional type safety, which makes it an easy choice as I like Javascript and I find the type safety very helpful.

Python + typing

For the parts of the app that run on the server we have a much wider choice of languages. I'm very familiar with, and contribute to, Python so it is the obvious choice for me. As with Typescript though I find the additional type safety from Python's type hinting really helpful, so we'll use that as well.

Naming the app

You'll hear that naming things is hard, and naming this app is no different. An early draft of this book called the app project which was a little to generic and boring. Therefore tozo is our new name (from a combination of todo and zero to production).